• 10 Years of Growth: eVineyard’s Evolution in Transforming Viticulture

    10 Years of Growth eVineyard's Evolution in Transforming Viticulture

    In 2024, eVineyard celebrates its 10th anniversary, and we are thrilled to embark on a journey down memory lane, tracing the remarkable evolution of eVineyard in transforming viticulture. Amidst the rolling vineyards that enveloped our office, a revolutionary idea was born. Working in an office surrounded by vineyards, our Founder was immersed in the world […] Read more

  • Bridging the gap between the vineyard and the winery

    Bridging the gap between the vineyard and the winery_eVineyard_vintrace

    The integration of eVineyard and vintrace brings together two industry leaders, digitally connecting vineyard to winery to provide winemakers with an unprecedented level of control and insight into their entire production process, from vineyard to bottle. eVineyard and vintrace have joined forces to deliver an integration that connects vineyard and winery software. The integration removes […] Read more

  • The vineyard managers’ contribution to successful winery business in 2023

    The vineyard managers' contribution to successful winery business in 2023

    The year 2022 is slowly coming to an end; thus, now is a perfect time to make review of the past vintage and start thinking about the next year. While one chaotic year is ending, it seems that another one is coming. Uncertain future due to current economic outlooks and the effects climate changes have […] Read more

  • Holiday season sales tips

    Holiday season Sales Tips

    Wine sales typically spike from September to December as consumers purchase wines for holiday get-togethers and gifts. Thus this is the time for wineries to execute holiday sales and marketing campaigns to increase wine sales during the holiday season. To help you increase sales during the holiday season, we have gathered the best sales tips […] Read more

  • How to decide when to apply fungicides in vineyards?

    How to decide when to apply fungicides in vineyards

    No matter where on Earth you grow your grapes, nor what kind of pest management approach you are following: conventional, integrated, or organic, you have to apply fungicides to control or prevent grape fungal diseases to be able to harvest healthy grapes.  Depending on the weather, pest management approach, presence of disease, and fungicides used […] Read more

  • [Case study] eVineyard helps with decision making and improve vineyard management

    [Case study] eVineyard helps with decision making and improve vineyard management

    eVineyard is a vineyard management software that helps winegrowers worldwide with decision-making, lowering production costs, and improving vineyard management. A part of eVineyard software also represents a decision support system – an interactive software-based system intended to help decision-makers identify and solve problems and make decisions. eVineyard’s decision support system is very useful for integrated […] Read more

  • Field experiment: Can UAVs (drones) be used to prevent frost damage in the vineyard?

    Field experiment Can UAVs (drones) be used to prevent frost damage in the vineyard

    Summary: Frost events during the grapevine growing season can cause extensive frost damage and thus enormous economic losses for winegrowers across the globe. As active frost protection measures can be very costly, we looked into the possibility of using UAVs (large, machine-powered drones), which are getting more and more space in the viticulture industry – […] Read more

  • Winter harvest and Ice wine production

    Winter harvest and Ice wine production

    Long after the traditional harvest season has ended, some winemakers are still patiently waiting for their perfect moment to harvest grapes. They are waiting for the temperatures to drop sufficiently so that grapes will freeze on the vines, and they can start with the winter harvest and production of ice wine. Namely, grapes for ice […] Read more

  • Wine marketing & sales tips for the 2021 Holiday season

    Traditionally most wines are sold from September to December. In the US, wine sales start to rise for the Thanksgiving celebration, while in parts of Europe, with the celebration of St. Martin’s Day, and ends after the New Year on both continents. While the peak sale period is right before the start of the Christmas-New […] Read more

  • Get ready for grape harvest

    Get ready for grape harvest

    The best time of the year for vineyard owners, as well as the busiest and the most critical period of the year, has begun. While some winegrowers have already started with the grape harvest, others are still a month away from this moment. Although every harvest is slightly different, which is the beauty of working […] Read more

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