The yearly growth cycle of grapevine depends on weather conditions. In spring grapevines “wake up” and start its’ yearly cycle with bud burst, which ends in fall with leaf falling, followed by winter dormancy. According to its growth phase, grapevine has different needs/requirement for successful growth and development – the wine growers are seeking for healthy and fully mature berries. Therefore, yearly maintenance activities in the vineyard depend on grapevine growth phase and its needs.

The growth phase of grapevine varies on climate, weather, variety, and other growing conditions. Since there are a lot of different conditions for grapevine growth and grape development it’s hard to fully aligned growth phases with the yearly calendar. However, it’s possible to give some frameworks to all maintenance activities in the vineyard.Β The picture below shows main yearly maintenance activities in the vineyard, by months, depending on the life cycle of the grapevine for the northern hemisphere (namely in Europe). For the southern hemisphere the season – the growth stage of the grapevine – has to be seen the other way around.

Photo:Β Yearly maintenance activities in the vineyard, depends on grapevine growth stage; Vins de Bordeaux