The 31st of October is in a number of countries known for the celebration of Halloween. Halloween tradition originates from the Celtic festival, dedicated to remembering the dead souls.

Today, we associate Halloween as a fun time with traditional carving of pumpkins, trick-or-treat, wearing spooky costumes, telling horror stories, and parties with costumes where people get dressed in zombies, witches, skeletons, and ghosts. This is also a time when tables are full of delicious food, and of course candies. 🙂 Winegrowers make use of the occasion and prepare a Halloween party to boost wine sales. Don’t miss an opportunity to show/educate your customers on how to pair your wines with candies. The infographics below, by Vivino, will give you an idea on how to make Halloween candies and wine pairing.

Halloween candies and wine pairing

Photo (Vivino): Halloween candies and wine pairing

Now that you have an idea on Halloween candies and wine pairings it’s time to organize a “horror” night. You can make a Halloween theme party night or simply organize a movie night where you can watch a horror movie and offer customers your wines together with candies. If you are not that much into organizing things, you can always make and offer gift sets, or simply educate people on your social media channels which of your wines pair best with a particular candy.

Happy Halloween!


Updated: 24.10.2019