At eVineyard, we are introducing a new package, called eVineyard LITE, for the upcoming season. eVineyard LITE is a perfect package for those who want to start irrigating or applying plant protection in a smart, model-supported way, but prefer to make no up-front investment in sensors, or even the software.

eVineyard LITE gives you spray forecasts for Downy mildew, Powdery mildew and Botrytis, as well as irrigation prescriptions, for each of your vineyard blocks. Those forecasts are based on your actual past activities, vine variety, as well as Evapotranspiration and Weather data, including air temperature, humidity, and more, and are as such way more punctual than general regional recommendations, as well as completely tailored to your actual work.

Ability to offer eVineyard LITE service as a high-quality service anywhere on the globe without installing any sensors, was enabled by using the most recently available technology, such as satellite based sensing of crop factor and water potential, as well as a vast global networks of public weather stations, which can provide localized weather information for any vineyard on Earth.

eVineyard LITE offers the same award-winning decision support models as our full eVineyard solution, as well as models that help you determine irrigation time.

eVineyard LITE is free to try for 15 days, and can be purchased as a very low monthly subscription: $19 USD / month. That means, you don’t have any risk or early investment with the software – you may try it out, then pay as you keep using it, and can cancel at any time during the season.

Learn more about new eVineyard Lite Package here.