[Case study] Save 40 hours of work during each harvest month

Grape harvest is festive of its own: it’s the busiest time of the year and a crucial step towards a great vintage. During this period, the whole winery team is constantly working: grape pickers, grape logistics, the cellar operations, etc. are all in full swing. Everything has to be executed smoothly – and this is a substantial organizational effort, especially in wineries, where a lot of seasonal workers are employed short-term to hand-pick grapes.

As the harvest and logistics are happening in the vineyard, at eVineyard, we have developed a Harvest application.

eVineyard harvest app was build to save vineyard managers time – a few hours per day, every day of the harvest. In 2017, Radgonske Gorice winery applied the eVineyard Harvest app for the first time, where more than 150 pickers were employed for roughly 1,5 months to hand-pick grapes on more than 500 hectares of the vineyards. Thus, four vineyard managers needed to manage all seasonal workers and vineyard staff so that everything runs smoothly during the harvest time. And to make the matter fair, each of those pickers needs to be paid according to their performance.

After the system was deployed, it’s performance was metered and observed for the whole harvest period. The results of the deployment and usage of the eVineyard Harvest app were astonishing, particularly in the scope of saving vineyard managers’ time, avoiding spreadsheets, and ease of use.

Eager to learn more? Read eVineyard Harvest Case Study here.



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