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Time management and work organization in vineyard

By |February 14th, 2018|

While discussing with hundreds of growers, just like you, we constantly come to the same point: to run a profitable vineyard, having efficient workflow is as important as having efficient tools and machinery. Since labor in the vineyard is the

Grapevine Cluster Zone Leaf Removal

By |June 30th, 2017|

Winegrowers do several different canopy management tasks in the vineyard to regulate the quality of the grapes and consequently the wine. Canopy management refers to all vineyard tasks which affect the structure of the grapevine canopy, such as pruning, leaf

Overview of Grapevine Structure and Function

By |May 30th, 2017|

Grapevine is an interesting plant not only that it produce some of the best fruit on earth which can be transformed into the wine, but also as the plant itself. Grapevine is a permanent plant but differs from other permanent

Why March and April are the best months (on Northen hemisphere) to set up the weather stations in your vineyard?

By |March 30th, 2017|

Spring has just arrived on Northern hemisphere, this year on the 20. of March. And with the last few weeks of beautiful sunny

Cover cropping: alternative to herbicide use in the vineyard

By |November 23rd, 2016|

In viticulture, cover cropping refers to crop planting between and under the rows of vines, in order to improve the management of the vineyard. Cover cropping is no new invention, even though lately with the increased interest in organic and

How to know when the grapes are ready to harvest?

By |August 24th, 2016|

One of the most important decisions for a winemaker is when to harvest. Grapes should be harvested in their full maturity; because better the grapes better the wine.

But how do you know the exact time?

Annual grapevine growth cycle and vineyard management calendar

By |February 4th, 2016|

Grapevine growth cycle depends on weather conditions. In spring grapevines “wake up” and start its’ annual growth cycle with budburst, which ends in fall with leaf falling, followed by winter dormancy. According to its growth phase, the grapevine has different

Top 5 tips to better organize the harvest

By |September 10th, 2015|

The most exciting time of the year, for winegrowers began. That’s the time of the year when winegrowers are harvesting their past hard work. In the grape growing areas of the northern hemisphere, the grape harvest are already in a full swing.

How electronic calendar can help with vineyard management?

By |July 20th, 2015|

The time when people were using pen and paper for making notes and planning work activities has passed. With the new technologies and an increase in Internet accessibility, electronic calendars came widely into use. Big corporations are massively using them

Most common vine diseases

By |July 3rd, 2015|

Most common vine diseases are the one caused by fungi. According to the literature, there are more than 60 different species that can infect grapevines. Each fungus develops under certain environmental conditions. The article below describes symptoms and weather conditions