Improved irrigation

We work closely with Vinduino, one of the most innovative providers of cost-effective soil moisture sensing solutions, to bring you the best cost-effective system for irrigation management.

Used by growers in dry areas such as Califoria and Canary Islands, eVineyard’s irrigation models and decision support system use both climatic and soil moisture data to help you improve your irrigation practices – to save water and improve crop quality at the same time.

Reduce the amount of irrigation by 25% and beyond, by avoiding excessive irrigation. With the help of cost-effective soil moisture sensors by Vinduino, connected with eVineyard, soil moisture at 4 depths can be measured.

With the help of those measures, eVineyard can precisely tell you when it's the best time to turn on or off the irrigation system, so you avoid the loss of water that you would encounter due to the excessive irrigation. Even more, eVineyard can constantly monitor evapotranspiration on your vineyard, to tell you when to start irrigating, as well as allows you to remotely control your irrigation valves.

The precise data may also allow you to practice regulated deficite irrigation, and to control the quality of your grapes.

Maintainance-free vineyard weather station sensor node.

Vinduino station for irrigation optimization. Vinduino is a low-cost sensor, capable of measuring:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Soil moisture at 4 depths

Vinduino uses LoRa wireless network for data transmission, and is autonomous, so it requires almost no maintenance. Vinduino station is provided by eVineyard partner company, Vinduino. eVineyard then uses data from the sensors to help you irrigate smarter.

Available irrigation bundles

eVineyard Lite - get Satellite-measured Evapotranspiration-based irrigation forecasts anywhere on the world
eVineyard Irrigation Packages - Software package that works plug & play with Vinduino Irrigation Sensors and Irrigation Control units
Get a custom solution for your winery, based on a consultation



SAP HCP Challenge

for CEE region in 2016 as the most innovative start-up using SAP HANA platform on the challenge. Partnering with, and using the latest high technology from, the world's largest business software company SAP, allows us to say with confidence that eVineyard will always be able to provide you with the latest cutting-edge solutions for your challenges.

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