eVineyard Irrigation Package

Monitor soil moisture. Monitor evapotranspiration. Control irrigation remotely.

If you irrigate and want to reduce water usage, improve crop quality, or simply optimize the way your valves are operated, look no further – eVineyard’s easy to use, powerful features, allow you to save 20% or more water while improving crop quality.

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eVineyard can

help you determine for how long you need to irrigate to keep optimal soil moisture level

help you determine when to start or stop irrigating

warn you over SMS in case of too dry, or excessively wet soil

turn on and off your irrigation valves automatically

schedule irrigations for you

Don’t take our word for it. Professional winegrowers in wineries on different continents use eVineyard to decide about when to start irrigating.

Vinduino nodes

The devices which are required to measure soil moisture, and to control the irrigation valves, are Vinduino nodes. Vinduino nodes are plug and play compatible with eVineyard, and very easy to deploy.

Vinduino devices are purchased separately, but work plug-and-play with eVineyard.

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It’s easy to use!


buy the sensor stations


install them in the vineyards


turn them on


Then log in to eVineyard, draw your vineyard there, and follow the wizard to connect to your statios.

If there is no network in your vineyard, don’t worry. We will help you get coverage.

Works for any size!

Used in vineyards of different sizes, eVineyard is built to be efficient and easy to use, no matter if you use only one, or a dozen of soil moisture sensors. No more complex interfaces. Just click on your vineyard, and see what is going on there.

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There are 2 packages available: one of them is focused on getting you informed about how much irrigation is necessary, and the other one is built to help you control your valves remotely.

Soil moisture sensing package
450 .00
Irrigation control package
480 .00

Besides Irrigation module, both of those packages include also:

Planning module:

estimate your work and plan your operations in a visual and appealing way. With this powerfl module, you can manage your vineyards with precision. Learn more...

Costing module:

know your costs with easy to use, indefinitely customizable cost reports. Learn more...

Vinduino devices are purchased separately, but work plug-and-play with eVineyard.