Inexpensive Precision Irrigation Solution for Vineyards

Low cost Precision Irrigation Solution for Vineyard managers who want to stop guessing how to irrigate, control irrigation remotely, and document water usage.

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Why using Precision Irrigation ?

There are multiple benefits from using the Precision Irrigation system:


✔ prevent over and under watering
✔ automate irrigation tasks
✔ optimize yield


✔ improve grape quality
✔ achieve water savings
✔ lower energy usage


✔ save water
✔ reduce carbon footprint
✔ comply with reporting regulations
Water Balance

Observe measured vineyard water balance

eVineyard allows you to record rainfall and evapotranspiration for each of your vineyard blocks, and automatically calculate water balance for each block - so you can quickly identify how much water needs to be delivered to the vineyard to achieve a desired water balance.
Rainfall and Evapotranspiration can be recorded from Local Weather Authority (CIMIS supported), or any of the 20+ compatible Weather Station models.

Recommended daily irrigation time

Get recommended daily irrigation time

Every day, a new recommended irrigation time is calculated for each of your vineyard blocks by eVineyard. The recommended irrigation time is calculated based on your vineyard parameters, crop coefficient and evapotranspiration, as well as based on your irrigation system capacity. You can further fine-tune this calculation to help you decide for how long to irrigate.

Soil moisture level notifications

Be notified about over-irrigation and drought

Install the Vinduino Sensors in your vineyard and connect them to the Internet in a plug-and-play manner. You may run data analysis models, built to help you understand soil moisture, as well as create and receive SMS and e-mail alerts when certain layers of soil get too wet, or when certain layers of soil are too dry. You can configure your own wet and dry tresholds.

Valve Control

Remotely control and automate irrigation

Install the Vinduino Valve Control devices besides your electically controlled valves, and control up to 5 valves with each single Vinduino Valve Control device. The devices work Plug-and-Play with eVineyard. You can schedule when your irrigations should start and for how long they should run in each vineyard block – you even automate the irrigation time setting based on evapotranspiration.

Track and record water usage

Automatically track and record water usage

Every irrigation event, triggered with Vinduino Valve Control device, can be recorded - automatically creating a water usage graph for you. Data from the Vinduino Sensors can be charted on the same report, helping you build the reasoning for irrigation. With installed Vinduino Water Meter, you can also measure the water usage in different irrigation system sections, and detect leaks.

Plug-and-play connectivity with 20+ types of Weather Stations is available, if you want to use the weather data directly from your vineyard. If you already have an Internet-connected weather station, the chances are very good that it is compatible with eVineyard and that you can connect it to eVineyard with a few clicks.
You will always use the latest, most up-to-date version of eVineyard available. We do not charge extra for new updates, because all updates are already included in the subscription. Moreover, also the SMS alerts, on-line support, and non-stop on-line availability of the service is covered by the subscription. Absolutely no hidden costs!
The data from your sensors is stored for as long as you use eVineyard. Same goes for your vineyard calendar and all of the other data in eVineyard application. You don’t have worry about making back-ups, losing your phone or tablet, or a computer malfunction: we make sure that all your data in eVineyard is always available and archived, available for you whenever you need it.
eVineyard doesn’t require installation. Simply use your favourite Web Browser on any device. eVineyard is adapted to work just as well on a Smartphone as on your Computer, so there is no maintenance required. All you need is your username and password.

Award-winning Vinduino irrigation control devices

LoRaWAN Gateway
LoRaWAN Gateway is the "wireless router" for all your Vindino devices. Plug it into power and Internet, and you can start installing you Vinduino devices around it - up to a few miles in each direction (depending on actual conditions), with no line-of-sight necessary between the Vinduino devices and LoRaWAN Gateway.
Vinduino soil moisture sensors
Vinduino Soil Moisture sensing device can connect up to 4 Soil Moisture sensors, and transmits measurements a few miles to the LoRaWAN Gateway. Zero-maintenance, compact soil moisture monitoring device with a solar-charged battery that lasts 3 weeks without recharge, waterproof enclosure, and plug-and-play function.
Vinduino valve controller
Vinduino Valve Controller can control up to 5X DC latching irrigation valves or 1x master valve or pump, plus 4 valves. With a waterproof enclosure and solar-charged battery, it's a set-and-forget solution that lets you remotely open and close your irrigation system valves up to a few miles away from your LoRaWAN Gateway.
Vinduino Flow meter
Vinduino Flow Meter can meaure up to 375 flow meter pulses per second. With a waterproof enclosure, solar-powered battery operation and plug-and-play, it's a set-and-foget solution for water flow measurements that works up to a few miles from the LoRaWAN Gateway, with no line-of-sight required.

What sets Vinduino Precision Irrigation devices apart

Vinduino devices are plug-and-play compatible with eVineyard software and offer potentially the most powerful inexpensive precision irrigation solution for vineyards on the market.

Customizable and affordable
Install 1 or 50 low cost but reliable Vinduino devices in as many vineyard blocks as you desire.

Out of the way and easy
Zero-maintenance, solar-powered and small, Vinduino devices stay out of the way when you work.

Remote control
Schedule irrigation from anywhere, at any time - with your Smartphone or Computer.

No guesswork, easy paperwork
Base your irrigation decisions on data, and comply with regulations easily with automated reporting.

What users say about our package

Walt Hamera
"My name is Walt Hamera and I farm 6 acres in De Luz, California. I have 4 1/2acres of avocados, 1 acre of specialty coffee and 1/2 acre of winegrapes. Even though I had a soil moisture monitoring system in place, I was not satisfied with the data it was giving me or how that data was being used. In my search for a more efficient alternative I came across Vinduino."
Walt Hamera from De Luz, California
"After some research and conversations with fellow farmers, I decided to implement and install the system. The results exceeded my expectations. My monthly water bill was down 68%, and that wasn’t the only plus. Vinduino’s system is fully automated, uses LoRaWAN wireless communication, as opposed to line-of-sight, and adjusts the irrigation time according to ETc data from CIMIS and satellite."
Walt Hamera from De Luz, California
"Vinduino’s precision irrigation capabilities have appreciably reduced my water consumption, increased my productivity, and made my life, in general, a whole lot easier. I readily give them my most enthusiastic recommendation."
Walt Hamera from De Luz, California


Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle
Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle includes:
  • 1x Vinduino 4th generation sensor node
  • 1x LoRa gateway for multiple miles wireless range
  • 2x soil moisture sensors
  • one-year subscription to eVineyard software
Irrigation Monitoring System

Irrigation Monitoring System includes:
  • 1x Vinduino 4th generation sensor node
  • 2x soil moisture sensors
  • one-year subscription to eVineyard software

Irrigation Control and Metering System
Irrigation Control and Metering System includes:
  • Vinduino valve control sensor node
  • Vinduino flow meter sensor node
  • one-year subscription to eVineyard software

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

eVineyard precision irrigation system is for winegrowers who are managing a vineyard with a drip irrigation system installed, and want to optimize and potentially automate the whole irrigation process. It's a perfect solution for winegrowers who want to lower the costs of grape production: lower irrigation water usage and work costs, by installing a smart irrigation management system into their vineyards, and apply precision irrigation techniques to their irrigation with a low investment. eVineyard precision irrigation management system is inexpensive, and as such enables every winegrower - no matter how small or big their managed vineyards are - to implement a smart and reliable irrigation system into their vineyards.
No, the goal of eVineyard is to be the most easy-to-use vineyard management software on the market, so no special expertise or knowledge is required. You only need a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet with an Internet connection - and you are ready to use eVineyard software. Going a step further, you also don't need any special knowledge to install Vinduino Precision Irrigation devices, and connect them with eVineyard, as all Vinduino sensor nodes work Plug&Play with eVineyard.
You can choose from three different packages.

Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle package includes one gateway, one soil moisture sensing device, and one eVineyard license. This is a starter package for everyone who wants to measure soil moisture in several depths on one location, to know when to start and when to stop irrigating vineyard plots.

The second package is the Irrigation Monitoring System which includes only Vinduino soil moisture sensor device and eVineyard license. This package is ideal for everyone who already has a getaway (or Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle), and wants to measure soil moisture on several locations in the vineyard. You can buy as many Vinduino soil moisture sensor devices (each one comes with a corresponding eVineyard license), as you want. Both packages Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle and Irrigation Monitoring System are available for purchase on-line, and can be purchased on Amazon.

The third package you can choose from is the Irrigation Control and Metering System which enables you automatic valve control and measuring of the water flow in different branches of the vineyard irrigation system. For this package, we accept pre-orders at the moment, and will contact you based on your pre-order. When pre-ordering, please let us know which irrigation system you have, and provide contact details, so we can contact you to check with you if Vinduino valve control and flow meter sensors are the right solution with your irrigation system installed. If Vinduino valve control and flow meter sensors are compatible with your irrigation system installed, Vinduino will provide you with an offer, and support you in the set up of the valve control and flow meter devices. Please note that you don't need to buy both (valve control and flow meter nodes), but you can buy only valve control devices (as many you need), or only flow meter devices in a desired quantity. It's up to you to decide how precise the irrigation system you want to have, but Vinduino is also happy to assist you with making a decision.
Depending on what you would like to achieve with a smart irrigation system. Do you only want to measure soil moisture in several depths to know when to start irrigating your vineyard? Then Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle and Irrigation Monitoring System are the right for you. The Irrigation Monitoring Starter Bundle includes one getaway, one Vinduino sensors node, and one eVineyard license. On the other hand, the Irrigation Monitoring System includes only sensor node and eVineyard license, and does not include a Gateway. Gateway is a network node used in telecommunications that connects two networks with different transmission protocols together, basically, it connects Vinduino sensors node data to the eVineyard system over the Internet, and vice-versa.
If you would like to automate the irrigation, then Irrigation Control and Metering System package is the right for you, as it enables you to automatically open and close valves as well as to measure the water flow.
Depending on your needs and wishes regarding the irrigation automatization, choose a precision irrigation package that best suits your needs on this web page. Packages differ on the functionality offered. After you find a perfect package for your vineyards, click on the "Buy Now" button and you will be taken to an Amazon web page, where you can buy as many packages you need. Amazon will deliver your order.
If you are interested in Irrigation Control and Metering System, then please click on the "Pre-order now" button, and provide us with the details the pre-order form is asking for. We will contact you no later than two working days after your order.
Installing Vinduino sensor nodes and connecting them to the eVineyard system is very easy. The detailed information on how to set everything up will be a part of the package that will be delivered to your doorway by Amazon. First, you will need to install Vinduino sensor nodes in the vineyard, then you will need to set up LoRaWAN gateway for wireless communication to sensor stations, to connect nodes with the Internet. After that, open up the eVineyard web page ( and register. The process is very straightforward and is described in a handy manual. For a successful registration, use a provided Voucher code, which you will get in the package together with the Vinduino sensors devices. Then follow eVineyard software system instructions to connect Vinduino sensor node data to the eVineyard.
As mentioned earlier, all the information on how to install the eVineyard precision irrigation management system will arrive in the box together with the devices. If after the reading the instruction, you will not be confident in placing the nodes and connecting them to eVineyard, please contact our support team – we will be more than happy to help you out and get your system to work - so don’t worry.
eVineyard is the most easy-to-use vineyard management software on the market. The system itself will guide you through the whole set up process and help you with learning it - show you the main functionalities and how to use them. For more information on how the eVineyard system can help you with in-vineyard work activities, we provide a "Knowledgebase" as well as "Video tutorial" to help you out, and you can find them inside the eVineyard system under "Advanced" feature.
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate and send us an email. Do you have a question?
Case study of the precision vineyard irrigation Download the free case study on how several wineries in California improve grape quality and manage to lower irrigation water usage by up to 30%.
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