The most convenient vineyard management software

eVineyard is a convenient and affordable vineyard management software for small vineyards.


Vineyard information system

eVineyard is a central place for all your vineyard data that helps you spray smarter and work sustainably.

Start using now

The most simple you can find

For the winegrowers with small vineyards. Cosy.

On phone or computer

Do everything you did on a paper or whiteboard, digitally.

Smart advisor

Be reminded: never forget a record and never miss a spray.

No installation and training

Register in a minute and start using.

Optimize treatments

Reduce fungicide treatments without the risk of crop losses.

Secure and private

Your data is privately and securely stored and exportable.

The most advanced data analytics and spraying advices.

With eVineyard's help, you can increase knowledge about your vineyard, optimize production, and grow more sustainably.

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Used by winegrowers and wineries around the world. Some of our users:

Vina Vehovar
Te Mata Estate Winery
eVineyard is used by winegrowers in more than 10 countries around the world.
What users say:

"With eVineyard, I can enter everything into the vineyard maintenance log already while on the terrain, so I save time and I'm never worried to lose the work log."
-Igor Litrop, hobby winegrower



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