Having a vineyard and/or being a winegrower is rewarding, but also hard work at the same time. The truth is that being a vineyard manager is anything but simple since there are so many aspects that need to be taken into account in order to produce the best possible quality grape. The grape is a basis, required to make exceptional wine, and in the end market the wine. When it comes to vineyard management, winegrowers need to be everything: from meteorologists, agronomists, chemists, machine operators, mechanics, financial planners, and work organizers. And this can often be overwhelming, especially in a one-man band and in small wineries.

With work, comes new knowledge and new information. Especially as several information are overlapping, and more than one piece of information needs to be taken into account in order to make smart decisions about the next vineyard work activities which will set your grape, and consequently wine, in front of the competition. And for that reason, vineyard management software was developed, to help winegrowers with decision making, administrative work, and generally to help increase efficiency.

What is vineyard management software?

A vineyard management software is computer software (nowadays, modern systems like eVineyard are usually web and/or smartphone applications) that enable winegrowers, vineyard managers, and viticulture specialists to improve their performance, grow better quality and higher quantity grapes, control vineyard management work activities, and monitor bioclimatic information of the vineyards. With the help of vineyard management software, users can get better insights into several vineyard operations, and based on the collected data, make better decisions: such as what, where and when to do certain activities in order to improve productivity, lower production costs, and increase quality.

Several different vineyard management software products exist on the market, covering different aspects of vineyard management, in order to support users to achieve set goals. One of the most complete and easy to use solutions on the market is eVineyard, which allows vineyard managers precisely pin-pointing the spraying activities, precision irrigation, cost control, planning and scheduling of work activities, as well as to create documentation, track activities, track worker performance and managing payrolls, resources allocation, and much more.


eVineyard vineyard management software with its several features.

Benefits of using vineyard management software

Key benefits of using vineyard management software include:

  • Improved time-use efficiency
  • Lowering production costs
  • Achieving of audit compliance
  • Control of traceability
  • Insights into vineyard micro-climate
  • Managing costs
  • Work and cost estimations
  • Smarter work management
  • Reduced vineyard administration
  • Disease outbreaks avoidance with spraying decision support
  • Precision irrigation
  • Cost-efficiency with out-the-box solutions (when implementing IoT devices in vineyards)
  • Alerts
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 data access from anywhere

Importance of vineyard management software to your wine business

Having the right vineyard management software can take any winery to the next level. Take a look below how software can help improve your wine business:

Managing worker’s relationships.
Vineyard management software allows you to better manage your worker’s relationships and improve vineyard work efficiency. You can follow workers performance and reward their commitment and performance, or set work norms based on real work performance data. Learn more about how you can improve working relations and motivation in the vineyard with the help of vineyard management software here.

Automatically create compliance documentation.
Vineyard management software helps you easily create several different traceability documentation print-outs with one single click of a mouse. No matter you need the document for authorities control, farming subventions or for your internal needs such as worker performance or material used.

Precisely following the weather and bioclimatic parameters in the vineyard to improve over time.
Vineyard management software that is connected to IoT devices in your vineyard enables you to have access to real-time vineyard microclimate data 24/7. Not only that this data can be used to take real-time measures in case of frost occurrence, for example, or to know when to irrigate or protect vines against disease, but it can also help you, in the long run, to improve grape quality over time. Learn more about how vineyard climate and weather data can help you improve your vineyard management practice here.

Tracking costs.
Track costs of materials and labor to know how much you spent on each vineyard operation. Knowing vineyard costs helps you plan next year’s budget, tackle the most costly work and downsize the costs, and even calculate the cost of grape production. Knowing the basic costs of grape production help you determine the grape/wine price, as you want to maximize the returns instead of selling your goods under the production cost price.

Simplifying employee tasks and workflow.
With the help of vineyard management software, you can simplify employees workflow, enable them to be more productive, and reduce the possibility of unproductive work time due to confusion about the worker’s next tasks. While on the other hand enable you or your vineyard management to easily manage the team and track work activities and workers performance.


Vineyard management software is an important part of good vineyard management and vineyard work organization in many wineries.

Make the right decisions.
React to changing environment in a timely manner with the help of vineyard management system. With 2 taps access to real-time in vineyard weather data anywhere at any time, disease models constantly running, and alert warning you on specific conditions in the vineyard help you make smarter decisions. Vineyard management software helps you make decisions based on completely objective information from your vineyard for several vineyard work activities, such as on-time spraying, vine water requirements, need for frost protection, etc.

Cost reduction.
Spraying only when there is a real danger for disease development, instead of calendar-based spraying, and measuring water leaking when irrigating, can help you greatly reduce costs. While on the other hand, automatically crunching data of workers performance and creating compliance documentation can help you or vineyard manager save several hours of time for administrative work, and you know it: time is money.

More productivity and better quality.
Having a 360-degree view of you vineyards plots from in-vineyards weather sensor stations, to work activities enable you to address the spatial variability. Therefore to manage vineyards selectively in order to achieve the uniform quality of grapes across the vineyards. With adjusting vineyard management according to the specifics of each vineyard zone increase productivity and quality of the grape.


Vineyard management software has become an important part of good vineyard management and vineyard work organization in many wineries, no matter the size of the winery team. Small, medium-sized and big wineries that employ vineyard management software, get a competitive edge over others, as they can easily lower costs of grape production, rise the quality of grapes to a completely new level, and thus improve wine business operations. One such vineyard management software which addresses all of the points above in an easy-to-start, cost-effective way, is eVineyard. eVineyard is available for any winery size since all of the features are modular and can be adjusted to customer’s specific needs. Click here to learn more about eVineyard – vineyard management software.


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