Enterprise vineyard management

For large wineries and vineyard management companies we offer some of the most advanced tools on the market to manage and track work progress and the assets.

eVineyard base application is scalable by design and is used by wineries of different sizes: from the small, family-based wineries, to some of the largest wineries in certain countries, that manage multiple hundred hectares and acres of vineyard.

GPS tracking of tractors and machinnery

With GPS tracking of assets, such as tractors, data about activity progress can be directly saved in eVineyard database of activities, offloading the vineyard managers of manually recording all of the vineyard management events done, and semi-automatically building the cost records and paperwork about vineyard management. Because of the integration with the rest of the eVineyard functionality, GPS asset tracker in eVineyard is one of the most powerful GPS trackers on the market.

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Harvest tracking

With harvest tracking application, the performance of up to a few hundred seasonal workers can be tracked, and their payrolls calculated automatically, reducing the administration time during the harvesting by 80%. The performance tracking can be done in a distributed manner, therefore different workers (such as tractorists, vineyard management supervisors, etc.) can have different functions, depending on the organization structure which works in a particular company. Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss how harvest tracking can help your organization.

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SAP HCP Challenge

for CEE region in 2016 as the most innovative start-up using SAP HANA platform on the challenge. Partnering with, and using the latest high technology from, the world's largest business software company SAP, allows us to say with confidence that eVineyard will always be able to provide you with the latest cutting-edge solutions for your challenges.

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