Vineyard weather station data monitoring and processing

Work estimations and costs

Estimate how much time each work will take with a given number of workers, based on your previous track record. Get information about how much your vineyard costs you and where you can improve. With a few clicks of a mouse!

Turn regulative records into value.

Need to fill paperwork for compliance or subventions? Fill your work evidences from the tractor, in the vineyard, from any device - phone, tablet or computer. Whenever inspector comes, you can easily print the reports. eVineyard makes sure they're well filled, and uses all this data to help you decide smarter about spraying and other activities, and to analyse the seasons.

Work log of vineyard activities on smartphone

Vineyard weather station data monitoring and processing

Regulate irrigation. Achieve superior quality.

Don't guess when to irrigate - measure and know exactly. eVineyard's algorithms for irrigation management help you decide when to irrigate and what quantity of water to use - to save water and money, and keep the vines just enough stressed to produce the desired quality of the grape.

Avoid disease outbreaks. Spray with confidence.

Never spray too late and avoid expensive curative treatments. Reinforce your decisions to prolong the time between spraying and save up to 30%. eVineyard gives you the most certain and customized advice on the market about when your vines need to be protected - by turning large quantities of data about terroir, weather, growth phase and your activity into valuable insights for easier decisions.

Vine disease models (downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis)

Vineyard weather station data monitoring and processing

Reduce vineyard manager's administration.

Save up to 80% of administration time with labour-intensive activities such as harvesting. eVineyard helps you organize the activity, track it's progress and worker's performance in a way which saves multiple hours of administrative work, usually done by the vineyard managers daily. Talk to your country representative to see how you can largely reduce your paperwork. You didn't hire vineyard experts to crunch the spreadsheets, right?

Enterprise features

Track your assets, such as vineyard management tractors, as well as track the performance of your field workers - and avoid manual work such as filling the vineyard management activity records, and worker performance records. Use this data to organize work smarter, and save plenty of time every day. Use time for growing the best grapes instead.

Work log of vineyard activities on smartphone

Vineyard weather station data monitoring and processing

Integration = power, simplicity and safety.

By keeping information about all aspects of your vineyard, such as location, age, variety, activities and events, in eVineyard, way more than just making reports is possible. Besides making reports, also helping you decide when to spray, to irrigate, to analyse your vineyard performance and avoid administration, eVineyard is way better than having multiple partial products. Integration = power, simplicity and safety. We take great care to protect your data, and keep it yours.

No installation. No training. All yours.

Built with winegrowers, eVineyard is designed with simplicity of use in mind from the ground up. Our goal is to make your daily work easier with the technology wherever possible. We see the vineyard just like you do - not through a bunch of parameters, but as the vines on the land, each of them having her own story.

Vineyard weather station data monitoring and processing
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eVineyard is the only fully integrated, complete vineyard management system, on the market. It combines sensor data with data about your activities and vineyard parameters, to give you punctual decision support about when to spray.

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