GPS fleet tracking for viticulture

GIS with GPS tractor and machinnery tracking, fully tailored for the requirements of viticulture.

GPS tractor performance tracking
Track your fleet and see key performance indicators in real time.

Track how blocks are being completed
Visualize work progress and automate work records keeping to save at least one hour per day.

Track with smartphone or professional tracker
Tracking with smartphones or professional trackers available for low capital expense.

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GPS tractor tracking

eVineyard GPS tracking module is better, because:

To start, no investment into expensive equipment is required. An Android smartphone in each tractor is enough.

It's extremely easy to set up. Simply load the application on smartphones, and start using it.

Tracking records can be equipped with additional information, and used to track vineyard management costs, to get decision support about pesticide applications, and to create field work documentation.

Fleet tracking can also help you gain insight into work performance, and automatically use that in eVineyard planning to estimate future activities with unmatched precision.

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Based on the number of tracked tractors