eVineyard Integrated Pest Management Package

Understand your vineyard better. Reduce pesticide applications. Avoid mildew issues.

This package helps you reduce the number of pesticide applications and convert to a more ecological production in the vineyard, but stay on the safe side with downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis, and other diseases. A part of eVineyard is one of the most advanced decision support systems, available on the market today.

eVineyard can

help you determine the stage of disease development, for more punctual pesticide application

help you determine when you should spray sooner due to high disease pressure

help you determine when you can prolong time between sprayings

warn you over SMS in case of high disease pressure and absence of pesticide protection

warn you over SMS in case of frost or conditions, unfavourable for the vine

Don’t take our word for it. Professional winegrowers in some of the largest wineries in Slovenia, as well as hundreds of growers around the world, use eVineyard to decide about pesticide application timing with success.

eVineyard IPM models

eVineyard IPM (Integrated Pest Management) models are not merely formulas based on weather. We use predictive analytics algorithms, based on scientific findings about disease development, which take in account multiple variables:
- characteristics of your vineyard
- your actual activities
- microclimate data from vineyard location

to provide you with the most trustworthy information about what is happening in your vineyard in terms of mildew development.


IPM package
750 .00

Besides the IPM features, this Package includes also the following eVineyard features:

Planning module: estimate your work and plan your operations in a visual and appealing way.
Mapping module: have a top-view of your vineyards in a map, and visualize activities on the map. With this powerful module, you can manage your vineyards with precision.
Costing module: know your costs with easy to use, indefinitely customizable cost reports.
Weather Stations are purchased separately, but work plug-and-play with eVineyard.

eVineyard plug-and-play weather station

Together with eVineyard IPM Module, we recommend you to purchase a eVineyard plug-and-play weather station, eVineyard supports without configuration weather stations produced by Libelium, Davis, and many other vendors - we will help you choose the best option for your requirements.
The weather station can measure:
- air temperature,
- humidity,
- rainfall and wind speed,
- direction,
- leaf wetness
The weather station is completely autonomous and only requires cellular signal on the location. It has a battery and solar panel, so once installed, it does not require any special maintenance.
Weather Stations are purchased separately, but work plug-and-play with eVineyard.

It’s easy to use!


buy the station


place it in the vineyard


turn it on

Then log in to eVineyard, draw your vineyard there, and follow the wizard to connect to your station.

Works for any size!

Used in vineyards with less than 1 hectare, and at the same time in some of the wineries managing hundreds of hectares, eVineyard is built to work with one – or fifty weather stations – with the same ease of use. No more complex interfaces. Just click on your vineyard, and see what is going on there.

How it works

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