At eVineyard, we firmly believe in healthy food and environment. We believe in joy that is born with the progression "back" to the natural way of doing things.

We believe that when we grow grapes, we shouldn't do harm to the other species. Growing food must not break the natural balance of the ecosystem in the process.

We believe that what we eat and drink should be natural, because we as human beings were developed through the thousands of years of evolution and only natural is really healthy for us.

We believe that we must "progress back to nature", and that in the process of doing so, we should enjoy doing what we do.

And this is why we bring the latest technologies in combination with the latest agronomic knowledge to you in a simple to use solution: eVineyard.

eVineyard has a global network of partners that can offer consultation, advice and support, and from whom you can buy eVineyard locally. We offer industry-leading decision support models for integrated pest management, together with sensors, globally. Our approach won several regional and global awards to date.

Maintainance-free vineyard weather station sensor node.
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