Integrated Pest Management

We know that you as the winegrowers know your vineyards the best. However, with the help of eVineyard and the cost-effective sensors you may install in the vineyard, we help you understand your vineyard better – through providing you with relevant information such as microclimatic conditions and rainfall, as well as through the pest development indexes and advices, produced by some of the most advanced, time-tested algorithms for pesticide application time optimization.

With eVineyard you can spray smarter and save one or two pesticide sprayings per year, making your vineyards less expensive and more nature-friendly.

Avoid pest outbreaks, and save when spraying.

With our industry-leading decision support models, you can reduce the amount of pesticide spraying by 30% and in certain cases even 50%, while at the same time helping you to stay safe from the disease outbreaks.

Our industry-leading decision support models don't only incorporate data about the weather to tell you what is the level of the disease pressure. Instead, they incorporate literally all of the parameters that influence the development of the pathogen, and their level of preciseness increases over the time.

With the punctual micro-climate data, measured by an eVineyard sensor station in the vineyard, combined with the data from your vineyard management records, and with the data about the vineyard characteristics, eVineyard's learning algorithms can predict disease pressure level for each vineyard zone with an unmatched preciseness.

The following integrated pest management models are available in eVineyard:

Maintainance-free eVineyard sensor node.

Microlocation climate sensors for the vineyard

We offer cost-effective sensors which can be installed in the vineyard in order to obtain the most punctual data. Based on the data from the sensors, the decision support advice is very valuable due to high accuracy.

Libelium Smart Agriculture, for integrated pest management. A complete weather station, capable of measuring the following parameters:

  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Leaf wetness (when vine leafs are wet)
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • 2x soil humidity (at 2 different depths)

Maintainance-free vineyard weather station sensor node.



SAP HCP Challenge

for CEE region in 2016 as the most innovative start-up using SAP HANA platform on the challenge. Partnering with, and using the latest high technology from, the world's largest business software company SAP, allows us to say with confidence that eVineyard will always be able to provide you with the latest cutting-edge solutions for your challenges.

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