Integrated Pest Management

Avoid pest outbreaks, and save when spraying.

With our industry-leading decision support models, you can reduce the amount of pesticide spraying by 30% and in certain cases even 50%, while at the same time helping you to stay safe from the disease outbreaks.

Our industry-leading decision support models don't only incorporate data about the weather to tell you what is the level of the disease pressure. Instead, they incorporate literally all of the parameters that influence the development of the pathogen, and their level of preciseness increases over the time.

With the punctual micro-climate data, measured by an eVineyard sensor station in the vineyard, combined with the data from your vineyard management records, and with the data about the vineyard characteristics, eVineyard's learning algorithms can predict disease pressure level for each vineyard zone with an unmatched preciseness.

The following integrated pest management models are available in eVineyard:

Maintainance-free eVineyard sensor node.
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