sensors and weather stations

We know that you as the winegrowers know your vineyards the best. However, at eVineyard we try to augment your knowledge by helping you get the relevant measurements from the vineyard.

Sensor characteristics

eVineyard supports 2 types of sensor units.

Type 1:

Libelium Smart Agriculture, for integrated pest management. A complete weather station, capable of measuring the following parameters:

  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Leaf wetness (when vine leafs are wet)
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • 2x soil humidity (at 2 different depths)

Maintainance-free vineyard weather station sensor node.

This weather station is weather-proof, has an integrated solar panel and SIM card, and is completely autonomous. After ordering the station, you receive it over the mail, and you can easily install it on the post of the vineyard, turn it on, and the data will appear in eVineyard.

The station is very compact, so it can be installed on the post in the vineyard, and it measures the parameters precisely in the vineyard. Check out eVineyard's integrated pest management models.

Type 2:

Maintainance-free vineyard weather station sensor node.

Vinduino station for irrigation optimization. Vinduino is a low-cost sensor, capable of measuring:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Soil moisture at 4 depths

Vinduino uses LoRa wireless network for data transmission, and is autonomous, so it requires almost no maintenance. Vinduino station is provided by eVineyard partner company, Vinduino.
eVineyard then uses data from the sensors to help you irrigate smarter.

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